Clean air.
A breath of fresh air for Opole.


Air quality is a challenge for regions infamous for smog, such as Cracow or the Silesia agglomeration, but other parts of the country too. We joined forces with the city of Opole to show that we can fight for clean air everywhere.


Many Opole residents are unaware that the problem of low-stack emissions concerns their homeland. Let’s show them what can be done to minimise the causes of smog and protect oneself from its effects.


There are many ways to give Opole a breath of fresh air. We grouped them into 7 simple activities that can be easily undertaken by anyone in the city.

We spread information about the methods to reduce low-stack emissions and advice on how to protect oneself from polluted air via several social media channels, on the radio and throughout the urban space of Opole.



The 7 ways to clean air reached most of Opole residents. Our posts were viewed by more than 94,700 people, plus those who saw our posters and heard our spots on the radio.

We encouraged the local community to engage in a close dialogue about smog and share information about the problem.

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