80 Lat Na Szczycie


Kasprowy Wierch at the seaside?
With a well-thought-out strategy that combines rich and colourful history with creative use of virtual reality technology we made it possible.



In 2016 Polskie Koleje Linowe celebrated its 80th birthday. The legendary brand asked us to devise a year-long multidimensional campaign promoting the occasion. In addition to visual identity elements, we prepared a series of actions, including an event strategy based on virtual reality solutions.


Millions of users enjoyed the cable car trip to the summit of Kasprowy Wierch over 80 years of its existence. We wanted to use that opportunity to show everyone in Poland what it feels like.

We took advantage of the virtual reality technology to take anyone craving an adventure on top of the snow covered summit of Kasprowy. In the middle of the summer.



More than 40,000 people learnt about the anniversary through events organised in major Polish cities and cooperation with, e.g. Google Doodle. The events attracted a lot of attention across the country and were recognised by the jury of Kreatury competition who awarded us the top prize in Event 2016 category.




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