We are
a creative agency
that inspires emotions

because only brands that evoke real emotions in people can count on their loyalty.

 Dream Team

What sits behind MDI’s success are real people, individual personalities and temperaments. There isn’t much to say – we just love what we do which is why we do it so well. Experience, friendly relations and a fresh approach to every challenge allow us to come up with one-of-a-kind and successful projects.

pracownicy agencji reklamowej mdi


We are dedicated and adopt an individual approach to our every project. We are extremely happy when our projects are recognised by clients but what makes us even happier is when our efforts are rewarded by our fellows. We received Kreatura award for our event based on virtual reality organised for Polskie Koleje Linowe.


Our television spot for Podkarpackie Voivodeship received an award during Camerimage Festival in EUROPEAN FUNDS ON SCREEN category.

Over 10 years in the world of brands

We have been creating, inspiring and sharing our experience for over 10 years. We work for public institutions and companies in the food, cosmetic and medical sectors and many others. We inspired emotions for brands such as: Adamed, Amway, Canon, Empik, Maspex, PepsiCo, PKL, PoloMarket, Spomlek, Velvet, Wawel.

Now it’s time for your brand to inspire emotions.