Today’s consumers do more than just buy a brand, they join it. This is why a good brand is a brand that is easy to understand and one that cannot be possibly ignored.

Communication strategy

  • advertising campaigns
  • content management
  • web / mobile
  • UX /UI design
  • brand experience


Social media

  • influencer marketing
  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (Video), Twitter
  • Facebook Ads, Google Ads

Digital Creativity

  • web design
  • applications
  • virtual reality
  • loyalty programmes

Communication strategy

Our online actions are founded on a solid strategy that clarifies the brand’s goals and ways to accomplish them. With that, the success of a creation is not a coincidence. It is an outcome of many analyses, plans and future-oriented thinking that together make things simpler and clearer.

Dialogue with fans

We will show you how you can talk to consumers about the things that are really interesting to them in a way that will engage them.

We speak their language – we create content that evokes positive emotions.


Advertising campaigns on the Internet

In addition to daily communication between the brand and its fans, we create successful sales campaigns in digital media. Through flexible use of the budget, we help brands reach consumers willing to take advantage of their offer.

Collaborations with influencers

We know where to find personalities with whom your audiences will identify. We will support you in establishing relations and doing promotions in line with the spirit of your brand.

Are you wondering:

  • How to design a brand communication strategy that will stand out from others?
  • How to start collaborating with influencers?
  • What platforms you should use to be most efficient?
  • Or perhaps you have other questions about marketing communication on the Internet?

Izabela Łuckoś
New Business Manager
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Kampanie 360

budujemy doświadczenia, które pomagają markom, nie tylko być, ale być jakimiś.

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wykorzystujemy technologię oraz media społecznościowe, by łączyć marki z konsumentami.

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nadajemy wizualną tożsamość markom na każdym etapie ich rozwoju. Projektujemy strategię, wizerunek i komunikację.

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